Daucus carota

MSX 007 F1

  • Hybrid of the Chantenay type
  • Very early cycle, 80-90 days
  • Very good yielding potential, uniform roots. Suitable for the fresh market especially for bunching
  • Roots with a slightly conical shape, 18-20 cm in length, with an attractive orange colour
  • Optimal investment: 1.1 -1.3 mil. seeds / ha


Nantese 2

  • Early maturation cycle, 90-105 days
  • Ensures good tolerance to bolting, particularly suitable to be grown in sub-tropical areas. For the fresh market, it supports short-term storage
  • Cylindrical roots, length 19-21 cm, with a beautiful orange colour



  • Very early maturation cycle, 80-90 days
  • High sugar content, with an excellent taste. Almost without heart, a characteristic that makes it particularly tender. Suitable for fresh market and juices production
  • Cylindrical roots, 14-15 cm long, with a bright orange colour