SINCE 1958

Maraldi Sementi is an independent, family owned seed Company.It is active in the breeding and production of vegetable seeds specializing in both onion and baby leaf crops.

The company started over 60 years ago in seed production and has evolved into a vertically integrated company from breeding, production, seed processing and distribution in most of the key growing regions.


Maraldi’s investment in R&D has led to innovative and unique genetics that is recognized as one of the industry leaders in baby leaf crops.We have been pioneers in crops like wild rocket, chards and oriental brassica.

We are proud of our research activity that has led to the introgression of major pest resistance genes and positive phenotypic traits for the growers and salad processing industry.


The Maraldi family has been in the seed business for 3 generations.The company has always supplied quality seeds due to the direct control of all activities, from research and development, seed production, seed processing and sales.This has allowed the company to enjoy a tremendous operational efficiency which results in reliable, quick and flexible services for our customers.


Thanks to the long experience in the production of horticultural seeds, we are looking for the most suitable production areas extending along the entire boot. We select our farmers based on the quality of their work and production stability.
We provide technical support thanks to direct assistance in the field regarding agronomic and phytosanitary management.
We follow our crops step by step throughout the production cycle.
This direct control of each productive aspect allows us to achieve our goal: to obtain a high quality seed.

Post harvest

Post-harvest processing takes place at our company headquarters located in Cesena (FC) Italy.
We use the latest technologies to achieve excellence in the physical selection, passing through the drying up to the storage, operated by humidity and temperature controlled storerooms capable of ensuring a high germination and vigour of the seed.

We are also looking for innovation in terms of seed tanning in compliance with current regulations.
We work to find cutting-edge products that respect environmental health parameters and optimize performance in the field.

Seed quality

All the seed crop are constantly monitored from own employee during all the production cycle to ensure the best phytosanitary, genetic and physical quality.

Successively all the batches are subjected to the post harvest quality checks in our laboratory.
We include control of the germination faculty, varietal purity and health status.
Further tests with simulation of field conditions are carried out in the nurseries to evaluate the effective seed lots vigour and germination.