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MARALDI SEMENTI ITALY acquires Spinach breeding Company DESEED DENMARK
30 May 2023

3 new downy mildew races denominated

On July 1, the European Committee of the International Bremia Evaluation Board (IBEB-EU) published three widely occurring new variants of downy mildew in lettuce: Bl:38EU, Bl:39EU and Bl:40EU. The majority of the Maraldi Sementi lettuce varieties has resistance to these 3 new races.

The races Bl:16-28EU of Bremia lactucae are hardly observed in practice in Europe anymore and thus have no value for describing resistance levels to the disease. Therefore, from July 1, 2023, onwards, commercial resistance claims for lettuce varieties will refer only to Bl:29EU and races with a higher number and no longer to races Bl: 16-28EU.

Maraldi seeds underlines its costant work of genetic improvement to research varieties with a strong package of resistances to fight the evolution of new bremia strains. In his company located in Cesena, the phytopathology team perform resistance tests all year round for costant updating and monitoring of the situation on the development of new strains and on the reponse of its varieties.

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