WILD ROCKET RUBICON F1, quality and 3D effect
16 July 2020

On 3, 4 and 5 march We have shown our baby leaf variety portfolio for the Spanish and International market together our distributor for Spain Akira Seeds
56 varieties of lettuce, wild rocket, chard, beet, spinach and brassicas have been sown in cycles of 10 days apart to be shown in different vegetative stage.

The main Spanish baby leaf growers as well as international technicians, attended these field days. All were pleasantly surprised by the wide and competitive variety range, highlighting features such as the complete bremia resistance of the LETTUCES, the thickness and leaf quality of the WILD ROCKETS, the dark color of the SPINACH and the attractive and innovative baby leaf brassica varieties:

  • Over 20 LETTUCE varieties with HR Bl 16-36EU,
  • OUTSTANDING HYBRID WILD ROCKETS with vigor, high leaf count, very serrated 3D shape, tolerance to mildew
  • 12 HYBRID BRASSICA varieties, including RED MIZUNA, RED PAK CHOI and HYBRID KALE tolerant to downy mildew.

Following the success of this first event and the interest create among the producers and technicians,Maraldi Sementi and Akira Seeds plans to repeat this event each year; we’ll keep you updated!