Corn Salad

Our corn salad range covers the entire growing season and are suitable both open field and greenhouse production.
The varieties give good performance for growers and processors.

DALI (MSX 18006)

  • Very early
  • Oval elongated leaf of bright green color
  • Erect plant with medium size petiole, suitable for production in cool conditions

MANET (MSX20052)

  • Medium early cycle
  • Bright green leaf color, nice compact rosette with good vigour, high yield ability
  • Suitable for autumn and spring


  • Early cycle
  • Dark green leaf, good texture and thick veins
  • Erect plant type with good holding quality on the cotyledons


  • Medium cycle
  • Dark green leaf type with thick veins, it forms a medium sized rosette
  • Small cotyledons


  • Slow growing 

  • Very dark leaf for a compact rosette

  • Thick leaves and compact habit make it suited for a summer growing cycle

    CPVO Variety Protection Applied For

GOYA (MSX 19011)

  • Slow growing

  • Nice rosette very compact, thick leaf

  • It hold well to overmaturity thanks to the slow growth

  • Particularly suitable for summer greenhouse production