Wild Rocket

Diplotaxis Tenuifolia

Maraldi was one of the first Company to develop true hybrid rockets (Diplotaxis), which bring increase productivity and good tolerance to diseases.Leaves are more uniform and plants are more vigorous giving superior yield and great product appeal.


  • Early cycle
  • Erect plant, good ratio earliness/leaf quality
  • Good leaf count in cool condition
  • Medium green leaf finely incised

SELE (84000 F1)

  • Medium early cycle
  • Highly innovative, one of the first hybrid rockets developed
  • High leaf count, great uniformity, above average yield
  • Dark green leaf very well serrated with medium sized lobes, 3D shaped, very turgid with high percentage of solids
  • Low susceptibility to downy mildew

RUBICON (84110 F1)

  • Early cycle
  • Innovative, it has a beautiful leaf that is very well serrated
  • Dark green color, highly vigorous
  • Very attractive 3D leaf, above average yield


  • Medium early cycle
  • Low susceptibility to downy mildew
  • Very erect and long petiole, very uniform for mechanical harvest
  • Very dark dull green color, medium sized smooth lobes
  • Great shelf life, holds well against yellowing on storage


  • Medium early cycle
  • Popular variety with fusarium tolerance and great growing flexibility
  • Green leaf with medium sized lobes


  • Medium early cycle
  • Improvement of Reset with darker color and very high fusarium tolerance
  • Very uniform, erect leaf with good serration
  • Flexible easy to grow variety


  • Medium cycle
  • uniform variety that combine quality and yield
  • Finely incised leaf

Nova (MS397)

  • Medium cycle
  • Fusarium tolerant with good bolting tolerance
  • Lobed leaf with good color and thickness


  • Late cycle
  • Very dark green with great texture
  • Slow growing with a high percentage of solids in the leaf
  • High fusarium tolerance and bolting tolerance
  • Suitable for summer cycle