Lactuca Sativa

Maraldi lettuce varieties has a high level of resistance to downy mildew (Bremia lactucae), obtained from a continuity of state of the art breeding activities.
Leaf thickness, shelf-life, versatility and productivity are our hallmarks of great performing varieties and leads to great leaf processing and recovery preserving the highest quality to the final consumer.



  • Medium cycle
  • Batavia with iceberg blood with a very thick leaf with a good process-ability, it has a great shelf life and low oxidation at cutting point
  • Bright blonde leaf color with finely incised margin, erect plant with small petiole base
  • (HR) Bl: 16-37EU /1-9US


  • Early cycle
  • Thick leaf of bright green color, nice strongly waved leaf margin
  • Very erect leaf with a thin petiole
  • Good field holding ability – very flexible on harvest
  • (HR) Bl: 16-37EU/1-9US


  • Medium early cycle
  • Very thick leaf with good flexibility, exceptional shelf life
  • Medium green color with finely incised margin, erect leaf with a narrow petiole
  • High yielder
  • (HR) Bl: 16-37EU/1-9US
  • (HR) Nr:0


  • Medium cycle, suitable for summer season
  • Variety with high tolerance to fusarium, good germination at warm temperature
  • Green leaf, narrow with waved margin, erect plant
  • (HR) Bl: 16-25, 27-28, 30-32EU
  • (IR) Fol: 1


  • Medium late cycle
  • Very thick leaf with excellent shelf-life
  • Intense green color with finely incised margin, holds well in the field in warm weather
  • (HR) Bl:16-37EU /1-9US

ESTE (MSX 18475)

  • Early cycle
  • Green romaine with narrow leaf and rounded tip
  • Great yielder
  • (HR) Bl: 16-37EU/1-9US
  • (IR) Fol:1

MSX 18377

  • Late cycle
  • green romaine with a thick, crunchy leaf
  • Exceptional leaf quality in the middle of summer cycle
  • (HR) Bl: 16-27, 30-32EU


  • Medium cycle
  • Baby iceberg with deeply incised margin and great crunchiness
  • Dark green leaf, narrow petiole – great 3D leaf
  • (HR) Bl: 16-37EU/1-9US

Green Tip

  • Early cycle
  • Bright green slender oakleaf with thick, medium sized lobes
  • Erect and long petiole, grower friendly variety
  • (HR) Bl: 16-37EU/1-9US

MSX 18414

  • Medium cycle
  • Dark green color with exceptional thickness and crunchiness
  • Thick leaf and petiole, high yielder
  • (HR) Bl: 16-37EU/1-9US

MSX 19353

  • Medium slow cycle
  • Tango type with deeply incised leaf, 3D shaped, dark green color
  • Great thickness, a good bag filler, ideal for summer cycle
  • (HR) Bl: 16-37EU/1-9US

TWIST (MSX 19399)

  • Medium early cycle
  • Green tango type with deeply incised leaf with the crunchiness of the iceberg
  • Great bag filler, crunchy and hardy leaf that processes well.
  • (HR) Bl: 16-37EU/1-9US

MSX 19155

  • Medium-early cycle
  • Suitable for all year round production
  • Thick dark red leaves with a high dry matter content with texture similar to the Iceberg type
  • Very erect plant, narrow leaf with exceptional uniformity at maturity
  • (HR) Bl: 16-37EU/1-9US


  • Early cycle
  • Great choice for cool season due to the high vigor, dark color and excellent texture
  • Very erect narrow leaf, it stays in specification for a long time (doesn’t oversize)
  • (HR) Bl: 16-37EU/1-9US


  • Ciclo medio precoce
  • Foglia dalla colorazione rosso ciliegia, stretta con margine lievemente mosso
  • (HR)  Bl: 16-35EU


  • Medium cycle
  • Darkest red color in portfolio
  • Keeps a dark color in warm conditions
  • Great leaf thickness with a nice waved margin
  • (HR) Bl:16-37EU/1-9US


  • slow growing “triple red”
  • uniform color
  • medium waved margin
  • (HR) Bl: 16-26, 31, 32EU


  • Medium growing cycle
  • Red romaine with deep red color
  • Thick leaf with round tip, it has good yield and excellent leaf quality
  • (HR) Bl: 16-37EU/1-9US

MSX 19307

  • Early cycle
  • Fast growing red romaine with cherry color
  • Erect and narrow leaf
  • (HR) Bl: 16-37EU/1-9US

Red Tip

  • Early cycle
  • Red oakleaf with slender leaf
  • Uniform lobes
  • (HR) Bl: 16-37EU/1-9US


  • Late cycle
  • Very dark red oakleaf with great leaf thickness, rounded lobes
  • Holds great quality in warm conditions
  • (HR) Bl: 16-37EU/1-9US

MSX 19152

  • Medium cycle
  • Baby red iceberg, incised leaf margin,
  • Attractive leaf with soft crunch
  • it goes well with MSX18485
  • (HR) Bl: 16-37EU/1-9US


  • Medium cycle
  • Triple red leaf with incised margin, great texture
  • Slender leaf with long, slender petiole
  • (HR) Bl: 16-37EU/1-9US


  • Medium cycle
  • Attractive red tango with deep incised leaf
  • (HR) Bl: 16-21, 23-26, 32EU

MSX 17106

  • Medium early cycle
  • Lollo rossa suitable for baby leaf
  • Narrow and long petiole, easy to grow
  • Bright red color with waved margin
  • (HR) Bl: 16-37EU/1-9US