Maraldi is working to offer a wider range of spinach varieties with erect plant type for uniform harvest and an attractive dark green color for the consumers. We are focusing our breeding efforts on a high level of resistance to downy mildew along with a good leaf texture, color and thickness.

MSX 35016 F1

  • Medium early cycle

  • Very erect plant, easy to grow

  • Round oval shape, dark green color

  • Semi savoy, good ratio leaf/petiole 

  • (HR) Pfs: 1-7, 9-19

MSX 30159 F1

  • Medium early cycle

  • Very dark green leaf with attractive round shape

  • Erect plant type and semi-horizontal cotyledons for an uniform cut 

  • (HR): Pfs: 1-7, 11, 13, 15, 16


MSX 40001 F1

  • Medium slow growing cycle

  • Attractive very dark green leaf color

  • Leaf thickness over the average

  • High bolting tolerance

  • Suitable both for baby leaf and bunching

  • (HR) Pf: 1-8, 11, 12, 14-16